My Personal Shack





Here is a picture of my Radio Station













My Station consists of:



ICOM IC-7400, YAESU FT-2000, YAESU FT-847 with collis filter, YAESU FT-1000MP MARK-V field, KENWOOD TM-D700, KENWOOD TH-D7, YAESU FTM-400XDE.



HF Linear Amplifier:


RF POWER LA1K3 Solid State Amplifier new






EQplus by W2IHY, 8BAND Audio Equalizer by W2IHY, Microphone YAESU MD-100, Microphone YAESU MD-200, Microphone HEIL SOUND Hand Mic-HC4, Microphone HEIL SOUND Pro Plus for Audio Brodcastong, Headphone HEIL SOUND HC-5, Headphone Sony.




Dipole Rotative Cushcraft D40 Only 40m, Dipole Rotative for 20m, Dipole Rotative for 15m, Dipole Rotative for WARC PKW 12-17M, Vertical Cushcraft R8, Vertical Eagle One by W8AFX, Direttiva 9el 144MHz, Direttiva 9el 50MHz Magic Band, Vertical Diamond V-2000 144-430-50MHz.





Digital Interface Signalink USB, Paddle simplex Basic Begali.