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Please help me to fill this pages with links to other pages with contest software! Send me an e-mail with the URL, and I will put it in.

Im also interested in getting contest software files (for any contest - big or small) to put on this site for downloading (freeware, shareware).

Please send me a message if any of the links is broken.

Tnx  Mauro IW9HMQ




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*QARTest Top Quality SW





*SD by EI5DI  /  *TR Log by N6TR  /  *WriteLog





*BBlogger  /  *LogConv by KA5WSS  /  *N1MM Contest Logger





*OH2GI-HAM System  / *TLF for LINUX by PARCT




*Win-Test Contest Software  /  *Wincontest  /  *WinLog32  /  *Logger32





*WLog2000  /  *DXSoft  /  *Ham Radio Deluxe  /  *Logvrr  /  *JLog





*KLog  /  *Log2000  /  *CQ Log by RA3DCT  /  *MicroLog by WA0H





*DXAtlas  /  *DX4Win  /  *DXView  /  *Prefix sw  /  *QSO Manager




 *N3FJ's Software






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