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Contest Calendar of greatest interest November  2021



::IPARC CW Contest

::Ukrainian DX Contest

::IPARC SSB Contest

::WAE DX RTTY Contest

::JIDX SSB Contest

::YO PSK31 Contest

::ARRL EME Contest

::LZ DX Contest

::ALL Austrian 160 Meter Contest

::REF 160 Meter Contest

::CQ WW DX CW Contest




::Super Contest Station  

::WRTC 2022 K1LZ donates all Antennas for WRTC

::WRTC 2022 Italy Bologna PostPoned 2023!!


::Strategy for DX & Contest by K5ZD

::Win-Test : The definitive Contest Software

Feature Articles :: Update July 2021

::Evoluzione del Log

::Manual the DXer by K7UA

::Practical Contest Station Coax and Connectors

::CE3CT 30 Years of Contesting from Chile

::Contesting Retrograde

::Contest Software QARTest by IK3QAR

::I venti e le antenne by IW9HMQ

::RTTY and DIGITAL mode Contesting

::Italian Contest Club

::CQ Bande Basse Italia by MDXC

::Dx News.COM

::Using Logbook of The World

::Previous Contest Operations by NG3K

::ARRL Contest Update

::ON4WW Guide to Dxing and Contesting

::True Blue DXers Club


History WRTC

::1990 WRTC - Seattle USA Winning team: K1AR & K1DG

::1996 WRTC - San Francisco USA Winning team: N5TJ & K1TO

::2000 WRTC - Bled, Slovenia Winning team: N5TJ & K1TO

::2002 WRTC - Helsinki, Finland Winning team: N5TJ & K1TO

::2006 WRTC - Brazil Winning team: VE3EJ & VE7ZO

::2010 WRTC - Moscow, Russia Winning team: RW1AC & RA1AIP

::2014 WRTC - USA Winning team K1DG & K5ZD

::2018 WRTC - Germany edition Winning team: LY9A & LY4L

::Contest University CTU Articles

::K1DG: How to Recruit New Contesters

::K2YWE: Contest Operating Best Practices

::K3LR: Contesting and Station Optimization

::W5ZN: FT8 and the WSJT-X 2.0 Suite for 6 Meter Contesting

::K5ZD: Contesting with Integrity

::W3LPL: 60Years of Competitive Contesting

::Strategy for Contest by IW9HMQ

::Special Event Active in The Contest IARU HF W.C

Contest Superstation


 K3LR This station is active in the weekly Pensylvani emergency response network- http://www.k3lr.com ON consecutive years of winning the USA M/M category in the CQWW DX Phone Contest..!

Contest Group

Contest Team PA6Y

Contest Team LY0HQ

Contest Team KC1XX

Contest Team D4C

Contest Group by Finland

Contest Group GADX  

Contest Group Grande Mesa

Contest Group DR1A

KH7XS Contest

Here's your chance to own a superstation in paradise.  Work never ending pileups from a world class battle proven contest station.  Oceania's loudest station is available for you to DX, contest or just ragchew around the world.  Nestled on the slopes of Mauna Kea at the 900 foot level with huge drop offs, the station is ideally located to put out S-9 plus signals all over the world

Contest Group W5KFT

The W5KFT Ranch Station is located on the western shore of Lake Buchanan in the Texas Hill Country. The station is optimized for DX and domestic HF contests. It is best suited to the SO2R, M/S, and M/2 categories. The station has been operational on CW, Phone, and RTTY, as well as some VHF/UHF contests. 

 IO5O Contest Team

Un Team rivelazione formato da un team di Amici della Zona 5  IK5RLP IK5ROS IK5YJY IK5SFT IK5ZUL IZ5EME: http://www.io5o.net


The Kansas City DX Club is an ARRL-affiliated amateur radio club open to anyone interested in DX or contesting. Our club callsign is W0CW. Many of our club members are from the Kansas City metropolitan area, on both sides of the Missouri/Kansas state line, but our roster also includes members from all over the United States. The Club meets on the last Monday of each month at the Johnson County Library, 9875 W. 87th St. (87th & Farley) Overland Park, KS.http://www.kcdxclub.com

Home of the Annual Dayton CW Pileup Competition

IR4M ROMAGNA Contest Team  

Un Team tutto Italiano. Il nominativo IR4M è un nominativo speciale assegnato ai membri del "Romagna Contest Team", un gruppo di radioamatori con la passione per i collegamenti radio e che hanno voluto provare ed unire le forze per realizzare un team per operare sulle bande HF e fare sperimentazione radiantistica.
Originariamente la stazione radio si trovava a qualche km di distanza e per la precisione a Tessello, dove aveva il nominativo speciale IQ4T. Da marzo 2000 sono iniziati i lavori per realizzare l'obiettivo preposto; il sito prescelto si trova in località Montecodruzzo, situato su una collina a circa 425 m.s.l.m. I lavori di costruzione sono stati eseguiti direttamente dai 5 soci che compongono la società (originariamente erano sei) e si sono svolti principalmente durante il week-end, grazie anche all'aiuto costante di amici che hanno dato il loro contributo alla realizzazione di questo sogno. Il Team è formato da

  The 6Y1V Contest station is located ithe hills just above the sea coast village of Hopewell, in Hanover Parish, on Jamaica's northwest coast, 17km west of Montego Bay and 64km.